Zubeen Garg and his evergreen Songs

Zubeen Garg is a renowned Indian singer and music composer who primarily works in the Assamese and Bollywood music industry. He has sung several evergreen songs, some of which are

Ya Ali - This song from the Bollywood movie Gangster (2006) became an instant hit and was one of the biggest hits of that year. Zubeen's soulful voice perfectly captured the emotions of the song, making it an evergreen classic.


MayabiniRatirBukut - This is a popular Assamese song composed and sung by Zubeen Garg. The song is a beautiful blend of folk and contemporary music, and its melodious tune and catchy lyrics make it an evergreen classic


Pakeeza - Another popular Bollywood song from the movie Ungli (2014), Zubeen's rendition of Pakeeza was widely appreciated by the audience. The song's catchy tune and meaningful lyrics make it an evergreen favorite


Bihu Naam - Zubeen's contribution to the traditional Assamese Bihu music genre is immense. Bihu Naam is one such popular song, which showcases Zubeen's prowess in folk music


Dil Tu Hi Bataa - This romantic song from the Bollywood movie Krrish 3 (2013) was composed by Zubeen Garg and sung by him along with Alisha Chinai. The song's beautiful melody and soulful rendition make it an evergreen favorite among music lovers