Majuli: Exploring the World's Largest River Island

Visit the Satras: Majuli is home to over 20 Satras, which are monasteries that preserve the unique Neo-Vaishnavite culture of Assam. These Satras are known for their traditional dance and music performances and intricate handloom products


Take a bicycle tour: One of the best ways to explore Majuli is on a bicycle. Rent a bike and explore the island's scenic villages, paddy fields, and serene landscapes


Go birdwatching: Majuli is a birdwatcher's paradise, with over 200 species of birds found in the region. Spot rare species such as the greater adjutant stork and white-winged wood duck


Explore the riverbanks: Take a boat ride along the Brahmaputra river and explore the island's scenic riverbanks. You can also try your hand at fishing and enjoy a traditional Assamese lunch on the boat


Trek to the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary: The sanctuary is located near Majuli and offers trekking trails through lush forests and hills. Spot wildlife such as elephants, tigers, and hornbills


Witness the Raas Festival: The Raas Festival is an annual celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, which takes place in November. The festival features dance performances, music, and traditional food


Learn pottery: Majuli is famous for its unique pottery, made from a combination of clay, rice husk, and cow dung. Learn pottery-making from the locals and take home your own creation


Visit the Mishing Villages: The Mishing people are a prominent ethnic group in Majuli. Visit their traditional bamboo and thatch houses and learn about their way of life


Indulge in local cuisine: Majuli offers a unique cuisine that combines traditional Assamese and Mishing food. Try local delicacies such as bamboo shoot pickle, fish curry, and pitha (rice cakes).


Stay in a homestay: Experience the local way of life by staying in a traditional homestay. The locals will welcome you with warmth and hospitality, and you'll get to experience the island's unique culture firsthand


Majuli is a hidden gem in Northeast India that offers a unique blend of culture, adventure, and natural beauty. Plan your trip to this enchanting island and explore its hidden treasures