List of Jobs that are in risk due to AI

While AI is expected to create new jobs in the future, it may also automate or change the nature of some existing jobs. Here are some jobs that are at risk of being replaced or disrupted by AI

Customer service representatives: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle basic customer inquiries and support


Telemarketers:  Robocalls and AI-powered marketing tools are becoming increasingly popular and effective, potentially replacing human telemarketers


Data entry clerks:  AI algorithms can process and input large amounts of data more accurately and efficiently than humans


Bank tellers:  With the rise of online banking and mobile apps, AI-powered tools can handle most banking tasks and transactions


Cashiers:  Automated checkout systems, such as those seen in grocery stores, are becoming more common, reducing the need for human cashiers


Stock traders:  AI algorithms can analyze market trends and make trades more quickly and accurately than humans


Truck drivers:  Self-driving trucks and delivery vehicles are currently in development, which could potentially replace human drivers


Manufacturing workers:  AI-powered robots and automated machinery are increasingly being used in manufacturing, potentially reducing the need for human labor


Insurance underwriters:  AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data to determine risk and make insurance decisions more quickly and accurately than humans


Accountants:  AI-powered software can automate many of the tasks traditionally performed by accountants, such as bookkeeping and tax preparation