Assamese films that achieved significant success in 2023

By Assam Front

January - 3, 24

Rongatapu 1982

Adityam Saikia is the writer and director of this thriller film. It developed around the strife and bloodshed that Assamese riverine areas saw in the 1980s as a result of immigrants occupying the area illegally. Stars like Gunjan Bharadwaj, Rimpi Das, Aimee Baruah, and others are in it.

Sri Raghupati

In 2023, one of the most well-liked films on the internet was Sri Raghupati. This film, which was directed by the gifted SUV and written by Ravi Sharma, sets a new standard for Assamese cinema. In terms of revenue, this movie brought in over 10 crores at the box office.

Dr. Bezbaruah 2

Dr. Bezbaruah is the final film that the late Nipon Goswami, a seasoned filmmaker from Assam, directed. Stars like Siddharth Nipon Goswami, Adil Hussain, Zubeen Garg, and others are included in it. The well-known Assamese film Dr. Bezbaruah has a sequel, which is this one.

Nellier Kotha

One of the greatest late releases of 2023 is Nellier Kotha, a film based on the true story of the Nellie massacre. The Nellie massacre, which occurred in central Assam on February 18, 1983, during the course of six hours in the morning, is the central theme of the narrative.


One of the higher-budget Assamese films is Raghav, which is directed by well-known actor Jatin Bora. Prominent Assamese actors including Jatin Bora, Nishita Goshwami, Mridula Baruah, and others starred in the movie. Despite having some iconic locations, like Ladakh, the movie didn't perform well at the box office.

Anur - Eyes on sunshine

Anur, gets the National Award under the Best Assamese Feature Film category. Anur was directed by award winning director Monjul Baruah and bollywood stars like Rajat Kapoor, Baloram Das were seen acting in the movie.