9 effective ways to deal with the heat this summer 

Avoid large protein rich meals: Having a large meal, rich in proteins during the summer can increase metabolic heat and warm the body.

Cool your cosmetics and creams: Its a good idea to keep your lotions, moisturisers and creams in the refrigerator.

Use a hot water bottle: Yes, you read that right. Take your regular hot water bottle, get rid of the insulating cover if you wish, and fill it up with ice cold water.

Make everything mintier: Varieties of mint are capable of creating an illusion that makes you feel cool when the surroundings may be scorching hot.

Stay hydrated: It goes without saying, make sure your body isn't left wanting for water.

Cool yourself off with water: This is why swimming pools are such a popular concept, specially during the summer.

Temporarily move to a lower floor: If you're living in on a high floor, you should know that hot air rises and cold air settles.

Use fans to push the warm air out: With your AC working so well, you might have forgotten about the fan.

Wear appropriate clothing: When the sun isn't your best friend, you must dress accordingly.