10 weirdest jobs in the world

Snake Milker: A snake milker is someone who extracts venom from venomous snakes, which is used to produce antivenom


Professional Mourner: In some cultures, it is customary to hire professional mourners who cry and wail at funerals in order to create an atmosphere of grief


Odor Tester: An odor tester is responsible for sniffing different products to ensure they have the correct scent


Ostrich Babysitter: Ostrich farms sometimes hire people to care for ostrich chicks, which involves feeding them and keeping them safe from predators


Chicken Sexer: A chicken sexer is responsible for determining the gender of newly hatched chickens, which is important for breeding and raising purposes


Iceberg Mover: In some parts of the world, icebergs are a major hazard to shipping lanes. Iceberg movers use boats to push icebergs out of shipping lanes


Pet Food Taster: Pet food companies employ people to taste their products to ensure they are palatable for animals


Professional Cuddler: Some people hire professional cuddlers to provide them with physical comfort and emotional support


Water Slide Tester: Water park resorts employ people to test their water slides to ensure they are safe and fun for guests


Crime Scene Cleaner: Crime scene cleaners are responsible for cleaning up after violent crimes, accidents, and other traumatic events