10 Vastu Tips to Harmonize Your Home and Attract Positive Energy

The Entrance: The entrance should face north, east, or northeast as these directions are considered auspicious. A well-lit and clutter-free entrance invites positive energy and prosperity.


Living Room Layout: Arrange the furniture in the living room to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Place heavy furniture in the west or south direction and ensure there is enough open space for free movement


Bedroom Placement: The master bedroom should be in the southwest direction for stability and calmness. Avoid placing the bed directly in front of the door and opt for soothing colors to promote relaxation


Kitchen Location: The southeast corner of the home is considered ideal for the kitchen, as it is the direction of the fire element. Ensure proper ventilation, and place the stove and sink away from each other to balance the fire and water elements


Bathroom Orientation: The best location for a bathroom is in the northwest or southeast direction. Keep the bathroom door closed and ensure it is not directly opposite the kitchen or prayer room


Prayer Room: Allocate a quiet and clean space in the northeast corner for the prayer room or meditation area. Keep it clutter-free and avoid placing any heavy items or storage in this area


Colors and Décor: Opt for light and soothing colors for walls, as they create a positive ambiance. Incorporate greenery with indoor plants to enhance the flow of positive energy and maintain a balance with nature


Mirrors and Reflections: Place mirrors in the north and east directions to attract wealth and prosperity. Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom, as they can create negative energy and disrupt sleep


Declutter and Organize: A clutter-free environment promotes the flow of positive energy. Regularly declutter and organize your home, ensuring that all items have their designated space


Natural Light and Ventilation: Allow natural light and fresh air to enter your home, as they help cleanse the space of negative energy. Open windows and doors regularly and opt for light, airy curtains to facilitate the flow of energy


By following these 10 Vastu tips, you can create a harmonious and positive environment in your home, promoting health, happiness, and prosperity for all its inhabitants