10 signs of Narcissist

They have an inflated sense of self-importance:  Narcissists often believe that they are more important or special than other people


They crave attention and admiration:  Narcissists tend to seek out attention and praise from others and may become upset if they don't receive it


They lack empathy:  Narcissists often have difficulty understanding or caring about other people's feelings or perspectives


They exploit others for their own gain:  Narcissists may manipulate or take advantage of others to achieve their own goals


They have a sense of entitlement: Narcissists often feel entitled to special treatment, privileges, or resources


They have a grandiose sense of self:  Narcissists may exaggerate their achievements, talents, or abilities to others


They are arrogant and condescending:  Narcissists may believe they are better than others and may talk down to or belittle others


They lack accountability: Narcissists may have difficulty admitting fault or taking responsibility for their actions


They are easily offended: Narcissists may become upset or angry if they feel criticized or rejected.


They have a pattern of unstable relationships:  Narcissists may have difficulty maintaining long-term relationships and may frequently cycle through friendships or romantic partners